Internet Leads Script

(Exit strategy is to sign them up after a conference call or webinar)

I am going to give you this script to be used on your direct response leads (people responding to your advertising who are looking for a business opportunity). This script can be used with leads you get from your offline marketing as well as your direct response internet marketing advertising (as opposed to your attraction marketing efforts, which is a different script). Your objective is to enroll them after they have listened to a live conference call or a watched a live webinar.

Hello _____, this is [Your Name] and I am calling you from [Your State]. Recently you visited our website (or responded to our advertising) about starting your own business (or about making money from home), and I wanted to find out if that is still correct.” (Pause and wait for an answer)

[Prospect's Name], this is a courtesy call to let you know we are here to assist you with any questions you might have concerning our business. OK?”

[Prospect's Name], if you don’t mind could I ask you a couple of questions? “

And then ask 3 or 4 of the following questions. Make sure you write down their answers and make additional notes. Make it conversational, not stiff. At this point you are interviewing the prospect and you must maintain control of the conversation. The person asking the questions on the phone has control of the conversation. That person must be you. You don’t have to ask all of these questions, but only ask enough questions to get a good feel for the prospect to determine if they are someone who is a serious prospect. Only proceed to Step 2 once you feel the prospect is someone who deserves to move to the next step and get more information about your business:

Can you tell me what you’re looking for?”
How long have you been looking for a home based business?”
Are you currently self employed, or have you ever been in the past?” If yes, ask about it.
What do you currently do for a living? How long? What do you like about it? Is there anything you don’t enjoy about what you currently do?”
Do you have any leadership or management experience in or out of the work place?”
Do you consider yourself teachable?”
Are you willing to follow a proven system for wealth generation?”
Do you have any experience in network marketing?”
Why are you looking to be involved in a business of your own?”
Are you looking for a part-time income, or are you looking for something that can replace your job?”
How much money would you need to make to be comfortable walking away from your job?”
Now assuming you found the right opportunity for you, how much time are you willing to dedicate to your business on a weekly basis?”
If you had the opportunity to thoroughly review our business, and you were absolutely convinced you could make $_________(whatever amount they told you they wanted to make) at it, are you in a position to invest $___________ to get your business up and running?”

The most important question to ask:

 “[First Name] let me ask you this. Other than the money itself, what is it exactly that you are looking for? What I mean is, what specifically will you be able to do when you have that kind of money coming in that you can’t do today?”

Write down their answer, because you have just uncovered their “why” and you may need to refer to their “why” later in the recruiting process.

The Information Sharing Phase

Based upon what you have shared with me I would like to go to step 2 and send you a DVD (or share a website presentation) that will give you an overview of our company and compensation system.”

If you don’t feel the prospect is excellent, you may choose to send them to a guided website presentation that gives a complete overview of your opportunity, and tell them they will need to review the website and then call you back within 24 hours if they would like to be considered for one of the 3 spots you have available.

I have your address as (their address from voice mail) and your email as (email from voice mail) is this correct? After you have watched the DVD (or viewed the presentation) if you have an interest in what you see and you feel you are the type of person we are looking for you will need to call me back and we can discuss your qualifications in more detail, ok?” (Give the prospect your direct phone number at this point.)

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